Mining with GTX 1060 6GB and RX570 8GB

give up on trying 6gb on linux and windows. whos selling?:joy::rofl:

I confirm that it works with a GTX1060 6gb on Ubuntu 18.04 and with the provided grin-miner on github.
I get betwen 2 and 4 GPS depending on the moment of the day.

ur joking!? can u tell me what guide to follow? plz

so far i get CPU going and I have both cpu and cuda when i dont enter stratum adress, but so long as it connects and gets aa job i only have my CPU working. when i turn off the cpu miner i just get jobs and my gpu wont show up. image to show cuda on? without server connection

also working for me!

Nop no jokes :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I get you. But if you are not using a stratum address (a pool) then you need to:

  • have grin (node) running on the same machine. And it needs to have enable_stratum_server = true in the grin-server.toml file
  • wallet to be synched (issue this command : grin wallet listen) on the same machine too
  • also with this GTX 1060 you need to setup cuda_29 plugin in the miner conf., or at least this is what I’ve read, because this card only has 6gb RAM.

how ur config file plz bro, not the server side just the cuckaroo cuda solver

I’m @work so can’t send you the exact file, but to sum’ it up I’ve used this post : How to Mine Cuckoo 30 in Grin: Help us test and collect stats! §Configuring grin.toml for CUDA

and adapted it, since the toml file obviously changed since that post was written.