Help required to mine

First question :

In my Linux PC, i have a GTX1060 with 6GO but it seems to lack some memory to function on a higher protocol. What do you think about it ?

[INFO] [2020-05-31T18:12:48+02:00] [D0] Free memory 5764.56 MB available. Selecting 5GB solver
[WARN] [2020-05-31T18:12:48+02:00] Potential performance degradation detected as 6GB memory is available while using the 5GB solver

Second question :

I don’t have any shares…bizarre, no ?

[FATA] [2020-05-31T18:12:40+02:00] Irrecoverable errors: No accepted shares for 900 seconds
[WARN] [2020-05-31T18:12:41+02:00] Miner died! It will be restarted soon…

ADDRESS=nrozzqvsc2l…my wallet

./bminer -uri $SCHEME://$USERNAME:$PWD@$POOL -gpucheck 0 -fast -intensity 12

Try Gminer

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