Lost 5k grins because of a bug? T4

I believe that I could possibly have lost around 5k grins because of a bug in the test net.

Yesterday I was messing around with grin commands and trying all different things, when I’ve realized that after canceling a transaction, my locked funds didn’t return to my wallet and were gone forever.

Here is my current wallet txs and wallet info, 12 hours after the bug:
https://pastebin.com/QBARnzpR (I believe the bug happened at transaction 178 - line 364 of the pastebin)

And here is all the grin commands I’ve run in the session that the bug occurred:
https://pastebin.com/69Ge0Pbe (Bug happened after line 743)

Another thing I’ve noticed, is that yesterday some transactions I’ve tried to make returned this error, even though I had more than enough “currently spendable” grins in my wallet:

grin wallet send -d "" 20.0
2018-10-31T00:23:43.983935175-03:00 WARN grin - Using wallet configuration file at /home/arthur/.grin/grin-wallet.toml
2018-10-31T00:23:46.214033101-03:00 ERROR grin::cmd::wallet - Tx not created: Error { inner: 

Not enough funds. Required: 20005000000, Available: 0 }

This last behaviour occurred in line 73,119,170 and 214 of the above pastebin.

Have anyone ever experienced anything like this?

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Hey Arthur,

Thanks for letting us know. Could you post this message on Github (simply create an issue) so we can investigate this further?


Filed https://github.com/mimblewimble/grin/issues/1909 just so we don’t lose this.

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It happened to me, after cancelling a tx and some additional operations my balance was quite off. But in my case I was running a malfunctioning (for unrelated test purpose) version of grin so I decided it was my fault. I restored my balance with grin wallet restore.

@Arthur can you advise whether grin wallet restore fixes the issue?

I’m not 100% sure but I’m almost certain something similar happened to me. I was only mining and besides that don’t think I touched anything else.
I checked my wallet balance (as I do a couple times a day) and it appeared lower from what I remembered the previous time checking it. I very briefly checked in some logs but didn’t find anything.
Also, the timing for both of us lines up. This was recent.

@lehnberg I’ve renamed my current db directory as “db_backup” and left the seed file untouched. After running grin wallet restore my total account balance was 0, compared to 1960 before. I don’t know if I did it right though.

I could send my seed file or any needed file to facilitate the investigation.

I think I’ve managed to replicate the bug, I’ve posted some information in the github issue.