Is this normal gps fluctuation for mining c29 with 1070 ti's?

my specs:
OS: ubuntu 18.04
Miner: grin-miner 1.0.2
GPUs (x4) gtx 1070 ti’s

the power draw fluctuates rapidly too.

Yes, that looks like normal fluctuations. They could smooth the curve a bit more.

Hello betajuice,

Yes, because the pool doesn’t know/doesn’t care about your GraphRate @rig… it only cares about your ShareRate… and given a number of shares per time, it extrapolates your GraphRate…

So if you find a lot of shares in say 10 minutes… it assumes you have a high GraphRate… but if in the next 10 minutes you have few shares, it assumes less GraphRate… therefore, up and down the hill you go!

Only take in consideration 12 or 24h average … 3, for testing new pools…

Take Care.