Ipollo G1 Mini : Socket connect failed => Connection refused


I have an Ipollo G1 Mini. The system seems to start then I have this message. I have tried everything :
Flash Firmware
pool change
Address changes

Nothing works.

[Firmware Version] => microcomputer - 20220323
version: v2.4.9
luci: 59309ba
cgminer-packages: f1e04dd
openwrt: e4dcc51
commits: 56156
Socket connect failed => Connection refused

Please find the log

My pool : pool.eu.woolypooly.com:12000
My address : grin1tsg76jqu88lq45gfsxyzy9269afa5qpz4xztstuckq4p5pceq37q0kcwh4
My password : x

Has it ever worked? Could be ip configuration, can you see it connected to the router?

Yes it’s working in my office but not at home. I have tried to put a static IP Adress without any success.

You must be on the same router plan. Use lanscan to discover the IP’adress.

Is the mining server on your local network, or are you connecting to a remote server (e.g. a mining pool)? If the latter, you may need to open some ports on your router.

Yes i believe you’re right because i’m using an ubiquity sytem at home, may be the edge router is blocking some access. Di you have a complete list of needed open ports ?

If you’re just connecting to a mining pool, you just need to open the port specified by your pool. Every pool is different and most pools have several ports open depending what difficulty or region you are in.

e.g. grinmint.com uses port 4416 for encrypted connections to its EU server.

If you are hosting your own node, then you should check which port your node is listening on in your node grin-server.toml

Rereading your original post it looks like you are attempting to connect to a remote pool on port 12000. So, make sure your router allows outbound connections on port 12000

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