iPollo G1 Mini : is it possible to start/stop the miner using an API call?

Otherwise is it reasonable to start/stop the ASIC using a remote controlled electrical outlet?

Will it support being turned on/off several times a day?

A friend of mine is planning to mine Grin using solar panels, so will need to be able to start/stop them depending on the sunshine outside.

Thanks for your help.


Using a network PDU is something to consider.


There are cheaper versions available, but I trust the APC hardware for electricity.

The miner itself should have no problem, turning on/off couple times a day.
At least the G1-Minis have no problems, I did not test it with the G1.

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I’d recommend one with just manual individual switches An APC one like that needs an external device to control switching like their UPSes. Also that APC you recommend is metered which means it doesn’t switch, just displays amps. I use an ap7901 in my lab. I think the Tripp Lite line of switching PDUs might not need a controller but don’t quote me on that.

I personally am gonna hook mine up to a power sequencer so that on reboot they come up one at a time.