Ipollo G1, looking for a compatible PSU

Just ordered an iPollo G1 ASIC, and it doesn’t look like it comes with a PSU. any suggestions?

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12V 10A AC/DC adapter. 10A and more is fine.
DC plug type 5.5mm x 2.5mm can be use.

I’m using this.

Amazon in Japan so I don’t know if I can buy it from your country.

This topic may be helpful.

To clarify, I’m running the full size G1, which is rated at 2800 watts.

Where did you order from?

Did you order G1 from ipollo.tech? Have you read this? :rotating_light: SCAM ipollo.tech

Sorry, I only know about the G-1 mini.
But I haven’t seen the G1 full size on this forum.

It’s difficult to get it even ipollo official so far, and I’m worried that it’s a SCAM.

Yup. Pretty sure I got scammed.