G1 Mini Replacement Power Supply [CLOSED]

Hey guys,

One of the AC adapters for my G1 mini units is no longer functional due to some water damage and I am looking to purchase a replacement power supply.

One challenge I am having is knowing whether the ac adapter will be compatible with the G1 mini and wanted to know if anyone here can offer suggestions for a suitable AC Adapter that would work (correct pins, etc).

  • There is one AC Adapter on the ipollo website but with a $99 USD shipping fee… I’d rather that be my last option.

Last time, i replaced my adapter with this one around $35, it’s just a little warm when running.

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Mean Well makes high quality power supplies. Looks like the GST120A12-P1M would be compatible.

Oh it’s hard to find though. Also the FSP Group FSP120-AAAN3

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Thanks, this one looks promising and much more affordable. Did the pin fit exactly into the G1 Mini?

Yeah, the FSP Group is quite difficult to find for sale online but I did find some of the Mean Well power supplies, thank you for this.

My only concern with this particular model is that it is 120W maximum but the G1 mini can use 120W plus/minus 10%

I don’t have a G1 mini I was just looking for quality 12v 120w supplies with 2.5/5.5mm barrel connectors. How many watts is iPollo’s supply?

Make sure the model number matches exactly if you order one I mentioned. One letter off can mean a different connector.

I’m using it right now, quite satisfied.

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I used 150 Wat LED (because you need single phase) power supply as replacement. Even with the extra capacity, one broke after a year. They can get quite hot.
By now both chickens got fried :hatched_chick::fire:, they were from the early batch that had poorer heat dissipation.

ooo unlucky :frowning: – The current batches come with 300W PSUs but I think 240W will also be sufficient.

@noobvie Thanks again for the replacement PSU suggestion. I got the one you recommended and it works perfectly.

A little bit of a tight fit for the plug pins into the G1 mini but so far so good.

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