Inverse head and shoulders?

Not much into TA, but maybe someone who is can confirm? Feels bullish.

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Could very well be, but who knows how long that right shoulder is gone be? I think it might be a shoulder that only goes up at the next Bitcoin bull run.

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It’s look bullish but it can easily go lower.

I suspect grin might reach 10$ eoy if were lucky
It can also easily close out the year below 1 cents

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What I think is plausible that Grin has found a range where it will be horizontal in for years. So expect it will be likely that the current low will aproximately stay the bottom and might be touched again in the next major bear market (so in 3-4 years) :dizzy_face: :crystal_ball:

It could be, btc is going run, grin can be same.

Since it looks like a market crash is in the making, would it not be balanced to have after a double top in the bull market, a double bottom in the bear market…:thinking:?

This theory can only materialize if we get a major market crash/recession which is looking increasingly likely.