Introduce Paid to Click and lottery for GRIN

Just to announce that I’ve finished 2 sites for motivating people use GRIN more frequently

  • Paid Grin by viewing ads, firstly incentive to view some popular sites in Grin ecosystem. For the moment, auto add 0.5 GRIN for bonus registration and allow to use VPN, fake identity.
  • OnlyGrins: A lottery site to increase Grin adoption, starting from 1 GRIN for a ticket, auto draw after 100 tickets. Also allow to use VPN, fake identity.
    Have fun.

This is fantastic! Thank you.


I’m concerned by the fake testimonials on the onlygrins website. If you just finished this website. How do you already have three testimonials from three different lottery winners? Those testimonials are made up and the site smells like a scam.

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yes, they’re faked testimonials as it followed the template of LottoLab - Live Lottery Platform by ViserLab | CodeCanyon
However, nevermind, it will die sooon, no-one will trust it because people think i’m from fbi too.

Or… you could remove the fake testimonials and be up front about the status of the project


Good job! Very nice. Like it.

Sign up on Grinbux seems to not work when you get to the email verification. I tried re-sending twice to no effect.

I do use a non-standard custom domain for my email which some sites hate.

I changed your accout to verified. Maybe my hosting unable to send email to some email servers.

Sounds great.’ is very similar to ‘’, another site where it seems you can earn crypto through surveys, downloading apps and playing games.
Getting my verification code using a protonmail address took a while (longer than an hour I think, it was not within a few seconds or minutes), but eventually I received it. But I already had closed the tab for the verification code on grinbux. But the site did not ask then for the verification code anyway.

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Possibly, I just use Proton Mail with forwarded custom domains.

I tried out grinbux and it’s IMO in need of a rebranding to compete with the more modern learn n’ earn type programs coinbase and others offer.

It’s cool you get 0.5 grin for signing up, but I’d drop the mailing address part of it (BTW you’re not welcome to visit even though you know I live at 123 fake st) and since you’re looking at educational stuff to read like the whitepaper and you should be required to look at it much longer like 5-10 min and be rewarded more.

0.01 grin for 2 minutes on a page will never be worth it. Maybe take some donations to raise that?

I could see someone being in to it if they could get even just 1 GRIN in rewards a day but 0.05 will only be worth it post-hypergrinization!


I like the idea. What do you think about adding some Grin casino-style games:

  • Blackjack (player vs. dealer only)
  • Higher-or-lower