Grin Tools and scripts 🛠

Dear all. Historically there have been many who wrote custom scripts and tools, experiments and what not for the Grin project.
We added a section to the Grin CC website where everyone can upload their scripts and tools, or simply create a link-out in the where you can add a link to your own repository.

The idea is to have a spider in the web of repositories out there, to make it easier to find all repositories and information a community member might seek as well as a collective place to share your own scripts and tools.
Everything is allowed, example of tools that will soon be added soon:

  • Python script to retrieve and calculate monthly average for Grin
  • Python script to overlay Grin logo on any detected faces, for photo’s and possibly webcam

@oryhp @vegycslol and others.
Can you add your tools to the repository, or just add a link out to the to your own repositories?
E.g. test net exchange…

Would if I had any tools to link to. If testnet exchange is considered a tool, then I agree @vegycslol should add it there.

Yes anything basically. I would like the same thing for documentation. Basically we need to have a way to easily find all the dispersed information and software out there for Grin,

For example, I think old non-function code should also be linked such as:

I will also search those and add them over time.

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