GRIN library for ressources

Hi everybody,
I created a GRIN gitbook for gathering all ressources, tutorial, twitters and much more.
Everybody can participate by editing on GitHub and pull request.

I create a bounty of 1 GRIN for each participation, add 10 stuffs ans get 10 GRIN. Even for juste a twitter account link :slight_smile:

For each wallet, there is a tutorial in video and I’m going to make tuto for exchanges and CLI wallet.
CLI wallet use is quite easy when you understand it.

There is also in this Gitbook 2 projects that I’m working on and where I upload progress , it’s WGRIN and NFT collection with real rewards, like interviews, G1 MINI. The content will be added continuously …

I’m doing this on my own and not asking for funding, I would prefer engagement by sharing for exemple. We need to promote the project, explaining how easy it is to use.
I’m also considering buying some G1 mini to mine and making tutorials, there is plenty of work to be done