Immersion Mining Statistics

Hi friends,

I am expanding my Grin miner farm and am looking at optimizing my setup (reduce heat production + consistently achieve higher end of maximum Gps rate). One idea I have is Immersion Mining where the miners would be submerged in some mineral oil to allow for better heat dissipation.

Has anyone attempted immersion mining? If so, could you share your average Gps rate and internal temperatures?

I’m curious to know how much of an impact this has on the Grin asics relative to their expected hashrate.

Did you check:

It is a really cool setup.
@traal Do you have some statistics on your setup?

My setup still works great, except that for over a year now, I’ve been using four G1 mini units. (My initial two units plus another two, which I bought in February 2023). I got rid of the plastic coolbox and now I have a larger, army-style, stainless steel, insulated thermos, which serves the purpose much better. The heat exchanger is also new, now spring-shaped, running alongside cylindrical walls (the new layout gives me much better access to the units, although there was nothing wrong with the old one).

The circulation pump is set to continuous operation mode, i.e., oil temperature is now much more stable (55-60°C). The temperature readouts on the chips are in the range of 65-75°C (the two units that are lower in the oil bath are cooler). Every G1 mini consumes on average 1.83 kWh/24h (77W/h - no energy wasted on fans). With four units running 24/7, there’s enough waste heat generated to make showers hot for a family of three.

Having said that, I’m not sure if only passive cooling (with only convection currents moving oil through miners) is sufficient for larger farms.


Amazing, how much for total setup?

Wow! Thanks a lot for providing this information. Very helpful!

I imagine the noise is also reduced by more than half as well in terms of db too.

There are no moving parts in the miners so they make no sound. Circulation pump is so silent, you can barely hear it, standing 1m apart from it.

Hi. Had some questions about the setup itself.

  • What type of mineral oil are you using for submersion? And how many liters is in your setup?
  • Approximately, how much did this setup cost you to get up and running (excluding G1 minis, cables, etc)?

Ad 1. Any transformer oil will do (20l of Shell Diala in my case).
Ad 2. It did cost me approximately the price of one G1 mini

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Interesting choice, can you elaborate why you did choose this product?

Based on a quick research, its not as toxic as many other transformer oil and a new product from a big oil company. Also in parts based on the data sheet its not as toxic for the environment.

I checked what’s available on the market, and based on the datasheet, this oil seemed suitable to me.
And that was the entire research.