Igno and/or Grin Twitter bot

Anyone think it would be worth-while to have a bot like this, but for Igno quotes and/or facts about Mw and grin?


Is something like this hard to program?

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Coding the bot is not hard, but you need to get permission from twitter to use their API. I tried once for another project with a new account/website and rejected.

Hmm well good and bad news… I wonder if we can have someone request it, or if we can find someone who has access and is willing to share

Twitter gives access per application, so if an existing user shares her access token, it will violate ToS.

One can apply here to get an access token. If there is a bot for nakomoto quotes , it must be possible to get permission for a grin bot too.

Cool, might be cool to explore at some point, although I don’t have the coding xp. Someone else feel free to chime in,or even if you guys need more items for the task list.

Undertandably twitter is hesitant with api permissions because of spamming.
But after we establish a website for grincc, we can apply for it. Also we can use grinnode.live apis for informing users periodicaly on network health status etc.

Ah gotcha, didn’t realize that was such a significant part of it. It’d be nice to see the Twitter bot dispense grin/mw facts to exemplify the value prop not just network stats. Do y’all still need more ideas? I didn’t see really anyone else post on the theead

Yes, if you have more, please share :slight_smile:

Im tapped out; would be nice to see others’ input though, consider sharing the post around grin mediums reddit, twitter etc

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