How to set Full Node

I am using a VPS to run a node. I would like to set it as a public node to the network.

I set Host as and Port as 3414 in the configuration file server-config.toml. Port 3414 is also allowed in firewall. However, there is no inbound connection in the node.

I am wondering if there is anything missing with the setting.

Thank you in advance!

Did you try setting it to:

host = "::"

we do have a server-toml config file you can look at here: and more details on


Hi Mike,

Thank you for the tips.

It works!

Much appreciated! Have a good day.

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How to run on MAC (ios) ?

Follow the guide here to run on your desktop:
you can’t run on ios.

yes that’s what I have been trying :+1: thank you for feed back

The node runs when you open wallet, Grin ++ or Niffler. It’s unnecessary to run a node seperately in your computer.

You could see the references Mike gave above when you want to run on vps. :slight_smile:


Yes I wanted to run Node separately and Mike’s references helped.