How To Increase Grin Adoption

We first need a stable base layer. Grin has a few areas that need to be researched before you want to build stuff on it including mobile wallets or second layer solutions. It is possible to build a mobile wallet (hats off to everyone doing it), but in this case, the maintainers should expect that the core will change and they will need to update it quite a few times in order not to go ‘out of sync’. I suggest we first focus on making the base layer very strong. The core team and others are doing great progress on this, but we lack on the research side a bit for now. Hopefully, some of the funding will go to the research side and community members that have a background in cryptography could also take a look at some of the research paths that have been suggested for example the one mentioned here BLS pink research
Grin is doing a great job at staying simple. The future is bright as long as we keep improving it without introducing too much complexity.