Help with choice C29 or c31 or c32

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I have 2 amd 580 which I have playing on using lolminer with good times … but all I seem to be able to do is C29 … I tried to fire up on C31 and C32 but the computer always freezes up while starting the miner … is this a simple RAM issue ? I only have 4gig of ram on the MB or does that matter ?

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System memory, size of OS swap file, quantity of CPU cores, and memory of your GPU(s) matter for Grin mining. The more GPUs your rig has, the more powerful your CPU will need to be, otherwise your gps will suffer. If you don’t have enough system RAM + large enough swap file, the miner program won’t start.

For mining c31 on Win 7 or Linux, your GPUs need at least 8GB of memory.
For mining c31 on Win 10, your GPUs need at least 11GB of memory.
Word is that your GPU will need 20GB of memory for mining c32. -source

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Thanks a bunch for the well written response … answered it perfectly … with RAM an issue for 32 perhaps we will see a rise in XCFE ( a lightweight linux )installs