[Help] How to unbrick miner ipollo g1 mini

Dear all,
I just did a mistake that upgraded wrong firmware to one of my ipollo g1 mini. Now, it’s unable to boot, the green led just blinked one time then restart infinitely.

I tried to create a bootable tfcard by this Win32DiskImager with firmware version [G-2.52 SDcard ] , however, when I inserted the tfcard, both red and green led blink then restarted. It seems that the board does not prioritize the boot order.

I’m not sure what I should do now, any suggestions please?

video: ipollo g1 mini bricked by wrong firmware

video: ipollo g1 mini unable to boot with tfcard

Some screenshots of g1 partly teardown

Hi Guys,
I finally able to recover my g1 mini to original firmware.
The reason was from the way I created the bootable microsdcard is not correct. My card was not fully formatted before running that tool.
Basically, after we run win32diskimager, there should be 3 partitions like this in same card

When it’s done, we just insert in tfcard hole then turn on the miner, both led will blink then the miner comes back to original state.
One more thing, every changes in the miner will be only affected after we reboot it.
Have fun.