Happy 4th Birthday

Happy birthday Grin! We’re half way to 12.5% inflation rate.


Price do not depend from inflation in crypto price depend from difficulty how easy you can get this coins and now it is very easy it is not worth anything and hard to sell in any exchange they only make wash fake trading
I have mach mo but i lazy to start my wallet online it is damaging battery’s and very hot for smartphone

What the f*ck are you even talking about?

About mining :pick:. …

Reads vaguely like FUD :joy:.
In any case, if you find Grin++ is a bit heavy on your phone, just switch to IronBelly wallet, it runs much lighter since it is not a full node on your phone like Grin++ :wink:

If you do not like Grin, why are you still here?

Happy Bday lovely Grin!


I like grin but it belongs now to asic manufacturer and manipulator and people do not interested in such things and ignore grin they do not want to store money in active ander manipulator controlled coin and grin straggling