+++ Grinnode.live Winter 2020 Bug Bash Challenge and free GRIN/BTC prizes giveaway +++

We are pleased :smiley: to announce a new challenge funded by grinnode.live!

The 2020 Bug Bash Challenge is about testing Grin Node and Grin Wallet and finding critical bugs.

All participants will be paid for executed tests and bugs that have been found in BTC/Grin.
Special rewards will be provided for the top three participants who performed most tests!

We have approx. 0.75 BTC + 2500 Grin ready to distribute and we need your help with that!

The challenge will officially begin on 19.12.20 10am UTC+1 and on 02.01.21 10am UTC+1 we will announce the winners and reward the testers.

In the mean time, we need help in writing more test cases and we value feedback on our test protocol.

Join our 2020 Bug Bash Challenge team on KeyBase https://keybase.io/team/grinchallenges.

More details will be published soon!
Stay tuned and spread out!

P.S. In addition to the prices we are in contact with a GRIN t-shirt sponsor for the winners


reserved for upcoming news…

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Looks fantastic. Exciting!

Thank you so much, Mike and team, for your continued contributions to Grin.


This is awesome and by far the best opportunity to get your hands dirty; get to know the wallet + help testing + get paid. no programming knowledge required. shit doesn’t get any better than this lol


I would love to see also, no so experienced user to participate. We are creating some easy test-cases, which should be fine for new users. :smiley:

@Experienced-users: please be fair and leave the easy test-cases to the new users who also want to participate. We are having time, even during the challenge, to create more test-cases if we need to.


Do you really have this much to give away?

@Neo, this is a good and valid question.
Short: yes

What I did was asking around to some of my crypto friends and pitched the idea about a public testing-challenge. As we sucessfully did already a NODE-challenge this year.

But this time, the focus on the challenge is not securing the grin-network with more nodes, its its finding problems and bugs in Grin-Software.

To give you a little background information, why we did this: While we where building the Grinnode.live infrastructure we came across some problems and issues related to GRIN. Therefore we reported it every time to the developers. But we are only a small team of people working on the Grinnode.live infrastructure. I thought if more people would look at GRIN software, even for a short period of time, it would multiply the eyes looking at GRIN software. Therefore we might find more bugs or functional problems, prior to the last hard coded hard fork in January 2021.

Our funding is publicly verifiable:

As for the GRINs funds I might upload a payment proof. (<-- this is one test-case check them out on Keybase :smiley:)

Signature: H1NO2+/7Y71vUU9JKnwXNVHu+7dQsHjAVUXZ/bilp/dUJIaETymuhulrksCPmtvYq6dZAQ6LCdhbvgI0wgZYc1A=
address: 3NYv5FZVHqYNvdSAUzTotfxmTaRaV8ugPw
message: https://forum.grin.mw/t/grinnode-live-winter-2020-bug-bash-challenge-and-free-grin-btc-prizes-giveaway/8060/
(no spaces for message, only the link) 

Electrum wallet version 4.0.7 used to generate it.


How to participate in the Bug Bashing Challenge

  1. Download:

grin v5.0.0-rc.1

(make sure you’re running the correct version by checking the Version Info tab)

grin-wallet v5.0.0-beta.4

(make sure you’re running the correct version by typing grin-wallet --version)

  1. Join https://keybase.io/team/grinchallenges

  2. Pick a test-case and document your results.

note: a lot of tests only require very basic knowledge.


Have fun tomorrow and keep in mind we will add more test-cases while the challenge started. :smiley: :+1:


So far we have 18 test cases assigned and 14 of them have already been solved! We not only invite more testers to join us, but we also encourage to define more test cases. If there is some feature you would like to be tried on some specific setup, we will do it!


This is how the challenge results look so far but we still have few days left and things can change. We still have test cases ready to be assigned and if you want to join the challenge, there is still time!

You might not outperform Mojitoo… But prizes for second and third place are still attractive and you definitely have a shot!


I downloaded keybase, wallet and core at day one itself but did not proceed further

Can I try it now? I have zero idea what to do

please do! please join the team on keybase and lets figure out something to do for you, now the tests left on github are only the most hardcore ones but we can try to come up with something new!


:mega::mega::mega: Grinnode.live Winter 2020 Bug Bash Challenge has concluded!!! :mega::mega::mega:
1st prize: @Mokhtar 20 tests solved!
2nd prize: @goyle 11 tests solved!
3rd prize: @markhollis 7 tests solved!

Congratulations to the winners! Thank you to all the participants!

Please stay tuned and check http://grinnode.live/ for the official announcement!


A big thank you to all Grin-Testers who participated on the latest GRIN Winter 2020 Bug-Bash-Challenge :+1:
Latest update: Grinnode.live

You all will get messaged from @renzokuken about the payment plan, please have your GRIN or BTC addresses ready and if you would be so kind please answer our questions about the current challenge.

It really was a success and you can still work on open issues to claim the bounty , but it will not count towards the top 3 places.