is down (domain name expired)

Its gone:

The grinmint site (frontend) goes down periodically for various issue(s), as you can see from the discord history. These disruptions are quite disconcerting for the miners, but the backend has always remained active. “Mining was not interrupted at all times.” When I logged into the admin panels of my ASICs this morning, they were all still hashing. If the intention is to grow the pool for better decentralization, I recommend renewing the domain name for the maximum of 10+ years as a preventative measure.


I agree, I think the reason it has not been done yet is because grin-mint is changing ownership from block-cypher to the community council and to @mcm-mike. Once the transfer is complete, I think we can make a long term renewal to avoid such issues. Grin is there for the decades to come, Grinmint is there to stay for the decades to come a well, so a long term renewal is a no-brainer.

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It is back up again.