GrinMint accidental payout to default empty address

So I’m mining GRIN on GrinMint. I thought I had placed a payout address to the settings tab of my GrinMint account but it turns out I had not… ie. the wallet address field on GrinMint account settings was left empty/untouched.

So just moments ago I requested a HTTP payout thinking I would receive the funds and now GrinMint reports the payout as “Sent” to this empty address with a TXID in the Payouts tab. Before this it showed the TX as failed and “retrying”.

How seriously have I fkd up and is there a way to get my funds back? Where did my funds go when the GrinMint wallet address field was left empty?



Actually it looks like the first payout to the empty address failed initially and as I panicked and tried inserting the intended payout address to the settings page afterwards, the automatic retry payout went to the address I had planned. Looks like everything is fine now. Whew…

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In cryptocurrency, you generally can’t accidentally pay nobody.