Gringoo Miner ;)

Gringoo Miner 1.0

Hello there :wink: I would like to present you “My” miner, but truth is I didnt make most of it, its made from GrinGoldMiner and I just tried to make some improvements for my own use.
About 2 weeks ago I have released few versions of upgraded OpenCL solvers on discord but no miner because I was too lazy for that and I just wanted to share with other people who happen to have amd card, which is not best for mining Grin right now.
Main improvement is that this miner should use less cpu which may benefit rigs with many cards.
On rigs with 6 cards or less, where cpu should not be problem gpu will do less trimming rounds and the miner will do more work on cpu, so you GPS might increase little bit, but since the miner use less cpu overall you should not see any increase in cpu load compared to original GGM miner.

  • OpenCL solver is fastest for now but very soon all miners will be same :slight_smile:
  • Fee is 1.6% (0.8% + 0.4% for Grin devs + 0.4% for GGM devs)
  • Zero improvement for Nvidia cards over GGM miner but maybe somebody will still benefit from lower cpu usage

This miner was tested on Windows 10 and Linux only with AMD cards!

Anybody is free to take this miner apart and use any part of its code as they please. Just give me credits if you find something actually usefull thanks!

Windows version:!OzwRHIQB!guiIOA3f1kvuaWZj0HdPXJtpr0s_mdhpA-MPhsPkrF0

Linux version:!uzh11a4b!HGJ1YybzWN8QmtdCzBjSxN2T5gN3qsWhot12iSKftLs


Is the source part of the links ?

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Mention AMD in the headline for attention. There are no links to source codes.

Do you intend to be compatible with the Fair Mining License? I believe this is not compatible as stated.

// Cuckaroo Cycle, a memory-hard proof-of-work by John Tromp and team Grin
// Copyright (c) 2018 Jiri Photon Vadura and John Tromp
// This GGM miner file is covered by the FAIR MINING license

What would be compatible? Give 50% to Grin devs (John Tromp) and 50% to GGM devs (Jiri Photon Vadura)?

“Political correctness” is the wrong way of thinking about this. This can be a very loaded term with implied negative connotations. I would think of this more in terms of an issue of ethics.
You are free to go build a clean-room implementation of a solver. You are also free to voluntarily donate to the dev fund. But if you leverage the existing reference implementation then there is an ethical obligation to adhere to the license.

These are your words. To me its not ethical to give all fee to Grin devs and nothing to GGM dev. Its also not fair for me to give away all my fee since I also put my work into it.
This “Fair” fee is quite bullshit IMHO. Not to mention that expected gains from the fee are minimal already.

As for the source code. Anybody who can work with c# can read the code 1:1 from dlls provided.

By modifying GGM you automatically accept GPL/FM licenses and your derived miner is also under GPL (C#) / FM (GPU). The license is clear and cannot be changed so everybody needs to either follow it (0.8% for you and 0.8% for Grin devs) or violate it. Grin developers work for free (well most of them) and they need support. I don’t see an issue with you claiming the entire 0.8% and Grin devs the other 0.8% as long as the code is under GPL3 (I guess the dll sort of counts as a source).

“Bullshit” or not you are probably going to want to comply with it. Particularly if you are advertising your miner here on this forum.

Does the program work normally? I periodically crashes connection loss.

works as before on previous miner. Faster and less stale share.

Ok I will change the fee to comply with FAIR MINING license…

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Just quick update… I am going to update it soon just dont delete this thread please. I tried to change some stuff in hope to lower cpu usage little bit more and when I was testing it I also noticed some issues with share difficulty validation and with connection to some pools and nicehash. I have it ready, but I just want to test it more before update.


your miner is great. on rx588 2.04 gps. 1300 cc,2000 mc,-20 power,0,82 undervolt.I am waiting for yours new release.regards

I get miner freeyes after around 8 hours. No shares ubmitted but conection to pool still up :0

How can I help resolve this ?

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I confirm. Same issue here.

I am aware of this issue. The miner fail to reconnect when it lose connection.
Please dont use it untill I update it there are also the issues I mention in post above. I am really sorry about this but I have to finish something else right now. Once I am done I will fix the miner. Please check back next week.

Any thoughts for C31? Vegas appear to be doing quite well on this via kbminer in linux.

with kbminer you have minor hashrate with vega’s than gringold-miner or gringoo.
we are waitinig for the next stable release of gringoo :slight_smile:

where is gandalph 3k when you really need him?

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