GrinGoldMiner Windows mining

So new GGM is out. Let us share stats and rig specs with windows version of the miner

I have managed to start three rigs
Rig 1. 6x 1080TI on Corei3-8100 CPU (4 core no HT)
Rig 2 5x 1080&1070TI on celeron CPU
Rig 3 5x R9 390 on AMD A6-6400 (slower than celeron)

Key takeaways:
1)It seems to me that celeron can only carry 3-4 cards, 4+ it starts to throttle. AMD A6-6400 won’t even start more than 2 cards.
2)You need 8 gigs of virtual memory per card otherwise not all cards work. 48 gigs per 6 card rig
3)R9 390 RX 480 8gb and vegas are in play now though 2x slower compared to

Windows mining speeds

some preliminary testing results.

GPU Speed, GPS Power, W
1080TI 4.6 250
1080TI 3.8 165
1080 3.5 120
1070TI 3.1 110
Vega 3.0 n.a.
RX580 2.0 n.a.
R9390 1.0 n.a

I am running windows 10 and have 1 AMD RX 580 - 8 GB. I am getting 0.9 gps.

I have a RX 570 rig, can take it for a spin to provide some stats back to the group.

Where can I find the GGM Windows version, please?

I have a rig with 4xVega 64, tuned for cryptonight algo. Running the beta GGM, all cards are running.
Each Vega is getting ~2.05gps. Total power from the wall is ~580W, or approx. ~110W/Vega

Forgot to add Temperatures. Basically, see below snapshot. The “Max” is when mining cryptonight, the “Current” is for Grin C29. All cards are basically significantly under-utilized judging from power draw and temps.

Just to add, my single GeForce GTX 1070 on Windows 10 with i5 is mining at 2.8 gps

May I ask what CPU are you running? Is it a celeron? Does it seem to throttle?

Has anyone been able to run a large rig off a weak CPU like celeron?

Sure, running i5-7400 on Win10 pro. Didn’t even come close to throttle.

Ok thanks so now we know that any 4-core CPU will probably work, except nobody is running such CPUs in their rigs :slight_smile:

You say nobody but… :grinning:
Didn’t make sense when I was building it to add a “bottleneck” cpu to a rig that cost well over 5k, even if it draws a little more power.

Yeah but if you’re building 10 rigs extra USD100 per rig adds up. Imagine a large GPU megafarm. People try to increase ROI
I ran out of money and luckily had to put my gaming CPU and Mobo into a 1080TI rig :slight_smile:

Hi the speed in windows with the 1080ti, 3.8graphs is on the chuckoo29 algo right?

yes, but thats with 65% power limit and stock clocks. With 100% you can reach 4.6 gps but I have only managed 4.3 so far. I will post my progress

Oké nice, isn’t better to go with chuckoo31 +?

I don’t think windows miner supports c31 or will support in the future

Ah oké, now I understand. Just with Linux you can choose than. Thanks

Yes c31 requires all the memory and win10 reserves some of it so I am not sure it is even possible. Maybe win7 someday if it starts on it

Maybe who is making grin gold miner can update it with chuckoo31 as well. My Linux is fine but can’t clock the gpus. Can’t change resolution with graphic interface, so the screen is huge.