GrinGoldMiner Windows mining

Just downloaded the latest miner (GGM_Mainnet_Win64_RC1) and tried to run it with a rx 470 8GB and Vega 56 but I get the following error:

ERROR [hit Enter to hide]: GPU gfx901 ID 4: Critical error in main ocl loop The kernel could not be enqueued. Error code: InvalidWorkItemSize.

Anyone got this error before?

Windows 10, Win10-64Bit-Crimson-ReLive-Beta-Blockchain-Workloads-Aug23 drivers, 64GB pagefile.

UPDATE: Was able to “fix” the issue above by running GrinGoldMinerCLI.exe elevated as administrator.

Is it possible to lean mine the Cuckatoo31 PoW with GrinGoldMiner at the moment?

thanks. but not success. the miner crashes immediately after launch :frowning:

Sorry did you say you checked virtual memory

ok check your virtual memory you need to have cards GB x number of cards say you are using
8GB graphic card 6 nos 8 x 6 = 48000 MB and to change google how to change virtual memory
if you are in europe use

thanks again, very kind.
i checked the virtual memory before and now, it is big enough.
the dos-windows doesn’t even show up at the beginning, so I could enter the configuration. the windows is immediately shut again = program crashes.

NP Did you change memory while running miner and if you could tell card details and processor you are having may be i could help you out… and Windows which version 7 or 10. Did download .Net 2

thanks again.
restarted and was able to configure grin-pool. looks good.
and I don’t have to configure any wallet-address?

wallet address it depends on pool for mintpool and spark your email-id is address and for login id is wallet address and password can be empty again if you are using multi rigs wallet address should be like email-id/rig name and for give separate password for each rig

thank you again :smiley::

No problem :grinning:

when is gringoldminer going to be able to mine with GTX 1060 ( 6gb cards ) ?

Guys can I use GGM MAINNET RC3 to mine in floonet? I just want to test the config I have. My wallet and node is running on a remote linux server (floonet so far). Stratum is enabled and GGM connects to it, and mines, and reports shares are accepted. However the GRIN NODE UI reports the worker as “connected: false”, but shows it in number of workers: 1, but also shows num accepted as always 0.

I also have no testnet coins in my floonet wallet.

I tried to use FLOONET BETA 3 but that just says it’s outdated and won’t let me to run it :frowning:

It’s working, only in console at mining tab I had screen height to show only one line, oops :smiley: It’s mining with floonet also with MAINNET GGM! :slight_smile: However no coins yet, hmm, maybe the testnet is hard :slight_smile:

according to this calculation on (is this reliable?) i would be better of using cuckoo29, but it seems i am on c-31 …how/where can I change that?

Hi there, is grin-pool reliable? Because it just popped up,right?
First it was just grinmint,mwgrinpool.
Sparkpool is active but with according to a large numbers of users regarding Beam, they are not honest.

My Rig.

2 x 1070 Ti & 4 x 1070. GrinGoldMiner seems to only be able to start 3 cards, 2 x 1070 Ti & 1 x 1070. The other cards get an error “Out of video memory! Only 7121587404 free”

1070 Ti - 3.13 gps
1070 Ti - 3.13 gps
1070 - 2.75 gps

4.00 GB Ram
30 GB Virtual memory
Intel Celeron G3930 @ 2.90GHz

number of cards x memory of each card I think you have set low virtual memory

So 8gb * 6 = 48gb should be my total Virtual memory?

Yes around that is 48000