GrinGoldMiner Windows mining

nice! so CPU load did reduce in the new version. 6 Vegas on a single celeron with decent gps

1080Ti @1860Core/-502Mem/PL 77% >>> 4.0-4.16gbs.

Great GrinGoldMiner is working smoothly with AMD on windows 10

Hey Guys,
Is there somene else who have issues with the miner detecting the nvidia gpu. Windows 7

Just started testing the RC1 release, still not a huge improvement for Vega64. Fingers crossed we get a more “tuned” release before launch.

this is actually pretty fast at almost 3 gps. It used to be just 2 in earlier releases, now its on the 1070 level where it should be

I guess it largely depends on the algo, but a Vega64 is absolutely not “1070 level”. I bet we’ll see large improvements soon ™

Vega is a beast :slight_smile: I too hope it can beat 1070TI soon

This is new… OFFLINE msg but it still is running, and hashing at 99% utilization.

I had the same exact thing happen. The stratum server changed as well

Yup, I did notice that. I am on the correct stratum server, and the pool is still accepting shares (even though it says OFFLINE in the miner).
Must be a bug.

Some sort of UI bug, happened to my test rig too, seems harmless.

Edit: looks like false alarm, grinmint is issuing same job over and over, miner sees this and workers go offline after 15min and then shut down completely after 30 minutes.

You should still “nuke it from space”, just to be sure :wink:

I too got my cards offline stopped miner and restarted msg appeared its old version update
and I downloaded new miner Mainnet Gringold Miner RC1 and its working now back to online.
After running the new miner for ten minutes cards gone offline. Restarted again after 10 minutes cards go offline and after 144 shares mining stops

try another pool perhaps

yes I am in India and using US pool will try other pool and come back :+1:

Changed to sparkpool and its working great :ok_hand:

Hi all
my goldminer is crashing just after the start.
i have allowed the .dll-files in the folder to be accessed.

…and …is there another windows miner I could try

any help appreciated

Yup it’s a poolside issue with GrinMint which won’t be a problem (hopefully) when mainnnet launches.

Been mining on with it and having zero issues.

GG miner is fine just delete and download fresh miner and install its fine except for config file dont
edit other files link for miner
And note config file will be created after you run miner once…