Grin wallet osx

Hello friends!
I made a wallet for the Grin and started mining on the pool, I found several blocks, but when the pool sent a file to load, I could not download.
This is the error “Wallet command failed: LibWallet Error: JSON format error” is this something I did wrong or a problem on the pool?

lo there… whats the pool stratum address so we can connet to it?

and whether you need to connect if it is not clear how to load coins into a wallet?

With the receipt of the coins figured out, you need to minimize the time between sending the file and loading it into the wallet.
But now another problem, the transaction is not confirmed.

i asked the stratum so i can mine at your pool…

until all problems with the pool are resolved, I will not give the settings

Did you (the pool as sender) finalize the transaction? The transaction isn’t going to confirm until it is finalized.

just find out that the pool was working on the test network. the question is closed