Grin Wallet docs OUT OF DATE / restoring wallet

I want to restore my original grin wallet.
I follow the official guide

But I cannot run grin-wallet restore because neither –restore nor restore keywords are recognized.

WTF. All I want is to have my wallet connect to my node, which is LOCAL and already synced, get my balance into the wallet state so I can start sending and receiving transactions agian.

HOW do we do this in 2020 ?

The grin-wallet --help gives you the current documentation on all commands and switches.

grin-wallet init -r will init a new wallet from an existing seed. Restore is no longer needed since wallets will scan the chain and restore outputs themselves. If you want to kick this process off manually, use grin-wallet scan

The guide has fallen too far our of date, I’m going to update it this week.

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