Grin/USDT and Grin/BTC on BHEX

Hi folks!

Hey folks! Happy Vday and I’d like to take the chance to invite you to check out trading pairs of Grin on BHEX. We’ll be rolling out more trading pairs, please join our new telegram group:

For everyone who’s interested in the next gen custody solutions - I’d like to introduce a new platform to decentralize custody and clearing for crypto assets, namely Blue Helix. Through the application of innovative cryptography technology, we’ll enable the generation and signing of digital asset’s private keys independent of control from a single institution.

Blue Helix an open-source public chain with its core value is derived from community-selected super nodes, built upon decentralized key management protocol. By opening API endpoints and providing foundational support for financial and commercial services providers, startups and financial institutions will be able to focus on development of their products and applications, instead of worrying about the underlying security and credibility of the system infrastructure.

Again, If you’d like to learn more, and perhaps become one of our beta testers down the road,
please join our new telegram group:

Thanks much!!