Poloniex welcomes Grin, commits to share transaction fees for 1 year

Poloniex is big and old and wants to be grin’s valentine.

50% of fees go to grin the first month, 25% for the following 11 months. So cool to see the donation fundraising being implemented on increasingly large scales.


Hi there, Max from Circle / Poloniex here. Happy Valentine’s day indeed!

I’ve been working with our team on the Grin integration and pledge to the GGF over the past several months. We’ve been tracking the community throughout development and paid attention to the “Early disappointments” message. We were thrilled to see that Yeastplume’s contribution target was achieved and wanted to ensure we were able to meaningfully contribute to the project as well.

If members of this community have the opportunity, please give Grin deposits on Poloniex a shot and let us know what you think of it. We’ve enabled deposits via the file-based approach as well as via a URL scheme, hoping this makes Grin accessible for different use cases. Would be great to receive feedback on how we can make these experiences better (for miners, for exchange users, for developers, etc.).

Withdrawals are in development (it’s an entirely separate endeavor to make Grin withdrawal UX feel great) and we’re hoping to make that available soon. Thanks!


Your UX development is a contribution in and of itself.

Is there any chance contributions to the dev fund will continue after a year, even in a much diminished form? It’s very generous already but I’m just thinking out loud. Exchange fees are one of the only high-profit areas that could conceivably remain steady well into the future, and it’s anyone’s guess what the fund will be looking like in a year. Obviously one step at a time I’m just thinking ahead.

Thank you!

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Hey 0xb100d, hope you’ve been well :slight_smile:

We wanted to commit to a year upfront so that we have an opportunity to reassess after the 12 month mark, but we are very warm to the idea of extending the contribution period.

The first contribution to the GGF is coming up! Outside of this, deeper Grin support remains top of mind for us, and we have some neat functionality in the works for withdrawals and other things. It’s been very exciting watching the Grin ecosystem and markets develop so rapidly in just under 2 months since the network went live!

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That is fantastic to hear, really appreciate the support. Cant wait to see what the fees come out to be and really excited to see what kind of features you have cooking.

Daily volume on Polo has been about 25 BTC on average since launch. You can probably get a rough estimate based on that.