Grin-miner.toml settings/tweaks explanation?

Currently my configuration is as follows:

plugin_name = “cuckatoo_mean_cuda_rtx_31”
device = 0
#expand = 2
#cpuload = 1
#ntrims = 176
#genablocks = 4096
#genatpb = 128
#genbtpb = 128
#trimtpb = 512
#tailtpb = 1024
#recoverblocks = 1024
#recovertpb = 1024

Anyone want to give a general explanation of the commented out parameters and their effects? I am just looking to see if I should, or could, mess with any of them. Even more, should any of them be uncommented?

i think they all should be uncommented as a starting point

Interestingly enough I get +1.7 GPS (according to grin-miner), which seems to be about right, so I wonder what the defaults are. A brief description, or link to descriptions of any, or all, would be incredibly useful here as I have yet to find any, although admittedly I haven’t looked too hard.