Grin markets according to CoinGecko's Trust Score - Feedback & Suggestion

Hey everyone!

Few days ago we launched the new Trust Score site-wide on CoinGecko.
Our goal is to estimate the liquidity of exchange based on traffic data, orderbook depth, and spread; aside from merely looking at reported volume.
In turn with the hope to guide users towards the most liquid exchange to trade on.

Here is the Grin market page on CoinGecko, and would love to hear your thoughts, feedback, suggestions on this.

We are constantly looking to improve Trust Score to ensure that it reflects the exchanges accurately.

Details on the methodology can be found at


Wow, this is a huge improvement! Way to go.

The exchanges that probably had excessive fake volume, such as Hotbit, are now properly relegated to the bottom of the list.

How did you decide on the 2% number? Have you considered increasing or decreasing it?

Really glad that you like it!

The 2% is a fair number that we select that seem to apply to high and low value coins.
We may consider decreasing it in order to address high value coins and also to make the orderbook checks more sensitive.

Cryptowatch has metrics called “Liquid Bid” and “Liquid Ask” which also reflect the depth of the order book. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on how these compare to your depth metrics.


Quite similar, in that term, we use 200 basis points instead and also take into consideration the bid/ask spread.

And finally we want people to easily understand what they are seeing, hence the traffic lights

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