Grin (GRIN) listed on the earning aggregator Criffy

Hello Grin community!
We are pleased to announce that Grin earning offers have appeared on the Criffy aggregator. Over time, there will be more offers, but for now you can see the following:
:small_orange_diamond: #Gateio 0,88%


:exclamation: Warning, this service is news and the site only exists since 2023, so use at your own risk :exclamation:

Personally I would advice to keep your Grinnies right where they are supposed to be, in your wallet :wink:

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It has a circulating supply of 98,212,860 GRIN . :thinking:

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With Grin’s total supply being 139,211,940 right now, they are kind of off. Probably it means the basis for this website was build (139,211,940- 98,212,860)/(360024365)=1.3 years ago.

Update: turns out to be a problem with CoinMarketCap, not with Criffy.

This is data from CMC Grin price today, GRIN to USD live, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap
Grin price today, GRIN to USD live, marketcap and chart  CoinMarketCap 2023-06-20 13-25-01

Coinmarket cap is refusing to update Grin page altough contacted several times, Coingecko shows uptodate.


Did we contact coinmarketcap by email or other channels, I guess they need a trusted contact point to update something on their side.
Not sure if CC has a generic shared email address like leader_board/admin/ so that they can trust the source?

Thanks for adding Grin as a new financial instrument n crypto ecosystem.
I have an account on, am I suppose to create new one with your referal id to register?

It’s not necessary :slight_smile: You can use your old account.

The can listen to community, supply is easy to check from your own node or by API ( as example), the are just lazy to do it or just sabotaging.
P.S. Bitcoin also has no “official” contact :slight_smile:


i applied and filled forms as grinpost / cc member but they say they have different methods of calculating supply. I showed them blockexplorer etc. They dont know what they are talking about.

Before that, i had few times contacted them and edited links etc, they accepted and updated. But they dont respond anymore. I will try again.

i sent them that also and grinexplorer. They didnt accept it.


Hi there!
I see that the problem has not been fixed on CMC

CMC does not accept evidence. They insist they have an internal method with calculating supply. Maybe a few members keep messaging them, but it looks like they are extremely ignorant altough i provided links to prove it.