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I agree that Grin is not the best choice for investing, nobody mentioned that as a goal. What I want to see from MimbleWimble technology is a replacement for cash. Totally private and fungible. Is that not the goal here. Why do you say “grin is NOT for buying coffee”? Just curious. Grin is perfect for buying coffee imo. Or will be one day anyway.

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I agree; since grin is digital cash there is no reason to exclude specific use-cases or user groups. I think @0xb100d wants to point out that providing secure payments for people in need for privacy (e.g. for safety reasons) is a great matter of the heart for the grin project (censorship resistant form of cash).
Both use cases (Coffee buying Hipster / Dissident) does not exclude each other. In each scenario privacy by default should be instantiated which is already provided by grin.

@lehnberg recently addressed the question how Grin would react to challenges that are associated with any crypto community as it expands (Timestamp 21:57).

This logo grows on me.

It is basically a japanese symbol (Sokuon - Wikipedia). Japan is - as far as i know - mostly cryptocurrency-friendly.
The proposed logo is simple, elegant, friendly, easy to remember and easy to draw.
The current logo is more confident, bad-ass, friendly, and non-conformist.
I like both of them, thank Bob this is no pressing issue :slight_smile:


I’m thinking the MW look of the eyes could be reproduced in an animated version of this one if we show an alternating V and ^ between the eye bars, perhaps in a fainter color or thickness. Just a silly idea…


What is the best investment for you?

Everyone is talking about mass adoption, user-friendly “for everyone” projects, which are equally perfect for nerd, ex-banker and your grandma.

But what if we are moving towards super fragmentation? What if there will be thousands, if not millions very niche networks?

Then I’m perfectly fine with the idea of a 20M+ network of tech savvy programmers/geeks/data scientist who use grin and love this edgy logo.

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It isnt for buying coffee right now, it’s for experimentation and development. Flashy logo shouldn’t even be on the todo list.

Your perspective comes across as very exclusive in favour of propeller heads and against everyone else who might be interested in Grin. Folks who are strong in other spheres of intelligence e.g. visual, social, etc can make, not just a useful, but a vital contribution if Grin is to come to anything.


live by the mask die by the mask!

Programming is a new literacy. Learn to code or live in a dark age. ツ

:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: …Coders are great but the richness of human endeavour involves a lot more diversity so we will stll have the possibility of another Shakespeare, Beethoven, Picasso, Gandhi etc.

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Sadly, poems and novels will not help us to build secure, private and censorship-resistant cash. Although, I’d read a good ones afterwards. :smile:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” - Albert Einstein


Knowledge and imagination are the same, Albert should have eaten more mushrooms.
At this point, this project needs more engineers than artists and demagogues like us.

Im gonna design some alternatives and post them here

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This one is still best to me


Many of these Grin logos are great. Grin has a lot more than just one face. The current most widespread one (@0xb100d’s original avatar) became the default Grin logo because the community started using it as such after @lehnberg brought awareness of its greatness, not because a small group of people decided that it should be the official logo. In fact, @0xb100d’s current avatar (which by the way spells “G-r-i-n” if rotated 90 degress clockwise) has been used interchangeably to represent Grin as well. I can totally see many more logos joining the fray, such as this one by @MF_Grin.

What better way to embrace Grin’s simplicity, integrity, and decentralized nature than with a horde of logos materializing among the community portraying the project as (not necessarily, but so far quite excellently) a playful grin?


Added this to the Grin asset repository under the name logo24.

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Some ideas


The current grin logo somehow remind me the joker face, I like it anyway :smiley: