My Idea for a Future Grin Logo

I was thinking about how I like the yin and yang logo. Then I thought of a way to incorporate a smile into one for Grin. After that I decided to google search “yin and yang smile” and found this:

I don’t like the mouth in this image, I would change that to a simpler curved line. Besides that I sorta like this as an idea to share for fun. Also, since Grin trades hands (as cash/money), the yellow circling with the black could represent Grin being traded/swapped. Plus, it sort of looks like there’s two one-sided faces smiling at each other as they do business (trade) together like money.

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It certainly makes for a nice avatar. I only would trace it and repaint the yellow, it is slightly washed out. This reminds me about the early grin logo discussion, so many cool designs passed the revue.
Warning, it is a very long post to load. For the fun I uploaded the original logo with the various logo parts, what these parts could symbolize, just one persons interpretation. A lot of thought went into the logo and I do not think we need to change it, but it is fun to use variations for various purposes. E.g. The Grin++ logo is seriously cool, so I put a sticker of it on my laptop. Also the Grin Community council logo’s (there are two of them) are quite nice. See here the original discussion on the logo for a trip through Diagon Alley :mage:, ugh, I mean a trip through memory lane:


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I think grin logo should remain as it is. It’s recognizably simple and easy to understand. Grin smile and mimblewimble. It can be edited and made into something similar to the grin logo I upload.

But it should not “go away” from the original idea.


I agree, but little is fixed in grin. So everyone is welcome to use other logo’s, play around with them and use them for specific purposes or as avatar. As you show above, also with this logo a lot of nice things can be done. Can I ask what program you use for your awesome arts?

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@Anynomous I use GIMP and sometimes Inkscape for .svg file formats. Yes with GIMP you can do anything you want especially with gmic plugin for effects.

In debian and debian based distros $ sudo apt-get install gimp-gmic
In arch and arch based distros $ sudo pacman -S gmic gimp-plugin-gmic

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Unfortunately this shop is closed, otherwise you would have loved this coffee cup

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Future Grin Logo: