Grin Community Candidate: Paouky

Hi everyone. I propose myself as a candidate to take part in managing the new fund, with preference to the first Split fund proposal proposal.

My ‘official’ history with the project:

As well as having spent what is now probably thousands of hours reading, thinking, discussing helping and writing about Grin . At this point I think it’s fair to say that there’s nothing in my life I spent more time and energy on.

I did take a step back recently (keybase message) due to starting school, followed by a mild burnout. During this time I only pushed a few small PRs to the docs.
I believe this does not detract from my past involvement, nor my future obligations as a potential fund member. I love this project and I love this community, always did. It would be an honor to take part in steering some of our development funds.

Cheers! :beers:


Cheers :beers: I was already suprised we did not yet see your candidacy earlier, would be great to have you on the/a council.

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Cheers to more and more dedicated heavy-hitters…!!

That brings the number of Community council candidates to 12, what a beautifull number.
I checked, but the number does not have major symbolism in the Harry Potter universe, appart from the 12 uses of Dragon blood:


Ahah, estimate reading time - 12 min :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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The GrinCC Seat is literally wasted on this dude, i checked the attendance notes of each community council meeting and it seems he joined only one meeting in the last year. Its really a shame that @johndavies24 didn’t make it into the Council, but instead people like Paouky who clearly have no interest in Grin.

Pauky indicated a while back he wanted to step down since he had less time for the task than anticipated. We contacted some trusted community members (including @johndavies24 ) to ask them if they want to become candidates. The community can then vote which candidate they would like to join the Community Council (CC).

We thank @Paouky for stepping up initially to help setup the CC. More infomation will follow on the candidates and the vote.


@Paouky is a great guy. Nothing was wasted on him. To each their own, he’s free to be busy with life and deprioritize grin. I’ve never gotten back to where I was before being banned from keybase and this forum and I’m not positive I ever will get back to that level of engagement.