GRIN blockchain / txn sizes vs others

Big selling pt of GRIN is compact / lean / scalable blockchain w MW, cut-through, etc.

Does any1 have good comparison of GRIN vs BTC / XMR / etc


GRiN is a new cryptocurrency implementation that is open source, community-driven, and self-funded. GRiN is not a pump-and-dump cryptocurrency. It uses the MimbleWimble idea, which removes all transaction data from the block chain, leaving only unspent outputs and some proofs of validity. In comparison to bitcoin, this has scale and privacy advantages. ( Because GRiN is written entirely in Rust, we’re looking for Rust developers.

I’m surprised this post had no answer. Anyone looking for an answer can check this post Why Grin/Mimblewimble

P.S. If I recall correctly PaigePalmer’s answer above was a job posting for Grin.