Grin blockchain size

If grincoin had a comparable number of transactions as Bitcoin as of now, how big would the blockchain be?

Grin is scaleable, can someone ELI5 how big the blockchain of grin will be in the future? Will it increase in size in a linear way such as Bitcoin?


Bitcoin has 360M transactions, with 50M UTXO’s. The total size of transactions is roughly 200GB. If Bitcoin had Confidential Transactions (hiding amounts), it would require another 450GB, for a total size of roughly 650GB.

In contrast, for the same amount of transactions and UTXO’s, grin would only need 38GB for the kernels and 33GB for the UTXO’s. This makes the total size roughly 70GB, or a x10 savings compared to Bitcoin.


In general, let’s say the TXO and UTXO set sizes are n and k respectively.
Bitcoin with CT would use roughly n * 1000 bytes in storage, while Grin would use n * 100 + k * 700. So with k becoming a smaller and smaller fraction of n, the advantage goes toward 10x.
This is for nodes that don’t prune anything needed to help other nodes sync.



I think I heard somewhere that to send and receive grin, you won’t need to sync the whole blockchain, how does that work?

Speaking of blockchain size, does anyone know why the size jumps upward near 2019 Oct 30th in this graph?

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Looking at the graph, I would say that no jump like that can happen unless there were a huge increase (by one or two orders of magnitude) in number of tx during consecutive days/hours. maybe at 50btc donation time ?

My recent comment in a reddit thread on blockchain growth:


Grin is a privacy-preserving digital currency created by a global community of developers. Grin doesn’t have any money or addresses. The aggregation of transactions is simple.

The grin blockchain size is 1.8 GB.

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