How much TX grin network can handle?

Following some discussions on keybase, i saw that grin can handle around 850 TX (per block) TODAY on L1. comparing to the last 24H, BTC had around 300K TX with i guess long waiting time for confirmations.

with 1440 blocks a day, grin can handle 1440*850 = 1 224 000 tx which is around X4 btc tx volume today

does this mean that with à X4 tx volume we still can better handle TX Volume Vs BTC ?

thank you

Bitcoin allows as many as 6493 2-input 2-output segwit txs per block, so Grin is only 31% better (8510 vs 6493 per 10 mins),

With both maxing out their tx volume like that, the Bitcoin chain still grows 3.5x as fast as it cannot discard spent outputs like MW can.


So if grin had the same blochchain growth as bitcoin, by increasing block size, it would handle much more transactions. (Bad at math)

Grin uses much more bandwidth for full blocks though.
A typical bitcoin block full of segwit tx is 2MB every 10mins,
while a full Grin block is about 1.33MB every min,
which takes almost 7x more bandwidth (to get that 31% higher tx rate).