Transaction throughput in grin is about 20 tx/s?

Without taking into account second layer solutions, a very rough estimate of the maximum throughput for grin is about 20 transactions/second from what I understand. Here is how I arrived to this value:

A typical transaction with one input and 2 outputs (one output to receiver and one change). This transaction will have a weight of 4+4-1=7 and because there is a limit of 10,000 weight units per block that gives around 1400 transactions per block (every minute) which corresponds to a maximum throughput of about 20 tx/s.

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Transaction throughput is limited by physical reality, not by 10,000 weight units. It is easy to adjust the allowed weight units per block.

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Sure, but besides the eventual hardfork in about 6 months, are there others planned?

No; this will have weight 1 + 2*21 + 3 = 46.

This code

shows 851 tx / block, or 14 tx / second.