Grin TPS & Fees

1)So I read grin can only do about 10 TPS ?
And because it doesn’t support scripts it may not be possible to increase the throughput with a second layer solution?
I know it’s not an issue right now but how could grin reach mass adoption with such a low number of Tps?
Are there any ways around it ?

2)Also is there any chance that if grin becomes widely used the tx fees could become very high as we see with other popular POW coins bitcoin and ethereum? (Fees ranging from $5 to $50 which is outrageous)

Grin can do 40_000 / 47 = 851 txs per min, or 14 per sec.
Grin already has a design for L2 payment channels, based on NRD kernels.

Any blockchain with limited L1 throughput suffers from rising fees if there’s too much demand for L1 transacting.