Grin blockchain size and total blockchain capacity

Except running full node by myself,where can I know latest total Grin’s blockchain data size.And what is the single blockchain size.It seems that my question is basic,but I can find the answer from my big teacher–Google. lol


The Initial Block Download size is roughly a linear combination of number of kernels (just over a hundred bytes each), and number of UTXO (around 700 bytes each for commitment and range proof).
These two counts are [EDIT: not quite; see corrections by antioch below] the following header fields

	/// Total size of the output MMR after applying this block
	pub output_mmr_size: u64,
	/// Total size of the kernel MMR after applying this block
	pub kernel_mmr_size: u64,

which are not commonly displayed on block explorers. You can see them plotted on

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Note: The output_mmr_size and kernel_mmr_size fields in the header are the total size of the MMR, not the number of elements. Multiply these by 0.5 to give you the number of outputs and kernels respectively (the number of leaves aka data elements in each MMR).

Each MMR is a series of perfectly balanced binary trees, so there are approx the same number of non-leaf nodes as there are leaf nodes, A tree with 4 leaves would have 3 additional non-leaf nodes to complete it for example.

The output MMR is prunable though - it tracks all outputs, pruning historical spent outputs over time. So the output_mmr_size does not reflect the UTXO (unspent) size.

Current stats (approx height 292,325)-

output_mmr_size: 3,354,201
kernel_mmr_size: 1,766,666

UTXO count: ~70,000
Kernel count: ~883,000

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What a powerful and beautiful instant statistical website ! You did it ?
Thanks a lot.I love your UI so much. so totally it is near 800bytes each block,right?

Thanks for @antioch 's note!
I believed that someone like me don’t know much about MMR.So I add this linking here.

Whose site is this? First time I’ve seen it it’s great.

Grin is a privacy-preserving digital currency created by a global community of developers. Grin doesn’t have any money or addresses. The aggregation of transactions is simple.

The grin blockchain size is 1.8 GB.