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Here’s my contribution to Grin:


very good work !
thank you sir

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Looking mighty fine! I love how you provide all the raw data of each block. Also, showing issuance relative to soft total supply is a nice touch.

How is size computed? Is that simply the sum of block sizes?
Is it possible to also compute Sync Size, i.e. the amount of data needed to sync by PIBD?

For mining cost, one could also show the break-even electricity cost. E.g. you need an electricity cost below $0.20 per kW/h to mine profitably.

I see a link to the rust grin repo, but not to the explorer repo.

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Wow, really nice :tada: ! I am also very happy you include all the raw data since I want to get a better detailed understanding of grin data :scroll:, this dashboard is very useful for that. It really is a one in all Dashboard to monitor everything you need for Grin a user, trader, miner, very impressive. Also love that you directly open sourced it :+1:.
I added your block explorer to the overview of available block explorers:
hub/ at main · grincc/hub · GitHub

Blockchain size is just the size of “.grin” directory, I could make it more precise and calculate what’s inside chain_data folder only.

I’m not that knowledgeable about Grin internals, but if Sync Size could be calculated by requesting node rpc or calculating the size of specific files inside “.grin” directory, then I could do it.

Looks Neat !
Well done sir.

Awesome contribution :rocket:. If everyone contributes to Grin like this out of passion for the project, Grin has a bright future ahead.

This is amazing, thank you so much for your work!

What a neat surprise! It looks very clean and informative. I’d give another like if I could for open sourcing it.

nice clean open source and upvoted :smiley:

Thank you all for the warm words!

I have fixed several minor bugs and minor UI adjustments, so far looks stable, no crashes.

I have more features in mind to add: API, Charts, Disable Coingecko setting (developer mode), search by output, reducing the number of htmx requests. Just waiting for another portion of motivation to do it :blush:


Deployed testnet instance.



I love it, so much cool info to absorb!

POST API is available now.
You can use it as an external connection for your wallet, like Grim or Ironbelly.