Grin is the Haskell of blockchain technology

Just a morning thought that I felt worth sharing to the community. What if grin is the Haskell (as in programming language) of blockchain technology. What I mean with this is that it is a strong academic research and development with strong fundamentals that make it difficult to understand in its infancy and therefore a sleeping giant. The analogy I am making here is that similar to how other programming languages gained popularity over Haskell even though they were not arguably better fundamentally, Haskell remains superior over most of these popular languages in many ways that aren’t realized until many years later when the users of languages matured their opinion on what is valuable fundamentals for a language. In summary, it could be the case that years in the future, the fundamentals that grin maintains will be realized as the values from users of blockchain/DLT mature.

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That makes some sense:-)

Haskell is the premier purely functional programming language,
as Grin is the premier pure Mimblewimble coin.

Beam can be likened to Scala, functional programming with some object oriented programming thrown in (Lelantus), as well as imperative programming (BeamX smart contracts).


I’m not sure but i think it had something to do with the recursion and memory limit at the beginning. My guess would be that’s the reason for imperative language being the dominant ones, hopefully it will turn around

Basically, Grin cryptocurrency was created on January 15, 2019. Grin is basically an open-source project and cryptocurrency which allows electronic transactions without restriction Blockchain technology helps to grin safe and secure. Blockchain allows helps to grin to decentralize all things So no one can hack and secure transaction.