GRIN adoption on new website

Updated website today for CS CBDa 3-n-1 products to include GRIN for ‘peer to peer purchases’ of the CS Wetware Collection for 2019.

CS is an innovative product line in the new legal hemp marketplace. CS previously accepted BTC online but has now switched to GRIN only for peer to peer and wholesale transactions today. There will be future developments for this website with price tags displaying real time GRIN/USD prices on each limited batch bottle. Purchasing CS 3-n-1 product with GRIN will be similar to a discount code and 1/2 and 1/2 payments can be accepted to gain trust and assure delivery to happy customers. No transactions happen on the website.

Grin does not endorse outside brands and this post is not intended to mislead anyone.

Check it out:


Since you are receiving money here, I highly suggest you implement HTTPS. Let’s Encrypt makes it quite easy.

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Just showing an example of real world use.

Thanks for the link, Tried to oder HTTPS recently but in the US there was a gov shut down that affected new SSL or HTTPS accounts.

I’m over the funnel necks and ric-rac at this point. Instead, this year I’m focusing on what is good and what works right now. In the future there will be a web store with secure payments. I’m hoping to work with more talent for that.

Using LetsEncrypt you can get an SSL Certificate for free and without the need to place an order.

Here is the link for setup

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