GRIM new wallet for android/desktop

From @ardocrat :
I am almost ready to make public release of my app Grim - cross-platform GUI for Grin, its working on Desktop and Android now, soon will try to launch on iOS, we are testing at private repo now, we have also Telegram group: Telegram: Contact @grim_app


First thing that comes to mind, "This looks awesome":star_struck:, second thing that comes to mind, "Is there a dark theme?":stuck_out_tongue:.

Nice to see some more Grin wallet options appearing, especially a cross platform wallet.


ask about the dark theme in the telegram group. I think so be it

Nice work Alice. Looks impressive, quite detailed. Thanks for this important contribution and support.

It’s worth thanking him @ardocrat for this, I just published his words

@ardocrat the author of a wonderful GRIM application. he rarely visits the forum, but actively responds in telegram.

Join the testing Telegram: Contact @grim_app

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Is there a Matrix bridge for the testing channel for those of us who prefer not to use Telegram?

matrix is running very slowly. but I wrote a message to the grin group