Announcing wallet713

Pleased to announce an open source project @ravidio @jaspervdm and I are working on:

Building on top of the default Grin wallet implementation, wallet713 integrates deeply with the Grinbox transaction relay to pave the way for an experience that aims to make it as seamless as possible to send, store, and swap grins.

Sending becomes as easy as send <amount> --to <grinbox address> and you don’t have to deal with IPs, ports, or files any more.

The Grinbox relay has been rewritten from the ground up in Rust and will be open sourced and support federation in due course. We also welcome other wallets to integrate with the relay.

There’s a packed roadmap that we want to get to before mainnet including supporting P2P atomic swaps with Bitcoin.

If you have ideas, questions, feedback, or want to work with us, feel free to continue the conversation at Contributions are welcomed!


This is very good. Thank you for your work.

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Thanks for another open source project :+1: I’m curious on the name, why 713? :smile:


:+1: :yum: Nice Vault713!

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Thanks for this. Makes working with the wallet much more practical.

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Thank you @cleopatra we’re really glad you find it useful! :slight_smile:

We’ve introduced some new functionality lately, feel free to give it a go:

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But AFAIK most pools doesn’t support grinbox addresses, am I right?

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Not sure, I know several are working on supporting it. Lobby your local exchange!

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