Grammar Bounty for GRINPost

Grammar BOUNTY.

I will donate 50 $Grin to a person, who finds grammar mistakes, SS and DM me. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

First come, first served!
READ it carefully please.


well, its actually not a grammar mistake, lucky you :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanx for the care. I edited. :slight_smile:
What is your slatepack adress?

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Developers laying to stones for PHASE 3 final period and GRIN will achieve a big advantage about fungibility of the coin.

“Developers laying to stones for”, I think you mean “Developer are laying the groundwork for”.

Not a grammar mistake, so donating Grinnies is optional.

Grin Asic machines producer Ipollo parent company made a filling to be listed at NASDAQ Exchange at Usa.

Typo, “filling” should be “filing”, better to use ASIC instead of Asic although both are correct.

“In order to get more people on board with GRIN, which can get the attention of more developers to contribute :gear: , a few bounties offering ideas by @dTavarez, discussion takes place at forum. Feel free to join!”

For grammar and conciseness, the following would be better:

“On the forum a few bounties ideas were discussed which were propose by @dTavarez in order to onboard more developers⚙️. Feel free to join the discussion!”

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in Grin++ you can go to “send”, type in the amount you want to send and click on “send”. Grin++ will create a slatepack message you can send me via private message. I can import this slatepack in Grin++, which will generate a finalize-slatepack. I can send this finalize-slatepack back to u and you can finalize the transaction. However i dont see anywhere a slatepack i could provide you so you can send me the GRIN. I only see my Tor-address:

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I know. You were online at the moment, thats why i asked immediately :slight_smile: I will send it when synch finishes.

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‘‘With PIBD, more reliable for everyone’’ - Yeastplume mentions PIBD

Is this a direct quote? It’s not a sentence.

‘‘GRIN Blockchain will be more robust in all cases, download the from many peers instead of single one, and can be interrupted and resumed’’

Same question. It shouldn’t be in quotes if it’s not a quote. Corrections to a quote should be bracketed like [this].

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yes, it looked better. Edited. Thanks for reading.

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Not trying to hammer on you, but I’m still wondering if this is actually a quote?

GRIN Blockchain will be more robust in all cases, download the from many peers instead of single one, and can be interrupted and resumed

I don’t think PIBD uses so it doesn’t seem right to me. I think quotes need to be literally quoted, otherwise don’t put it in quotes.

Hello this is my first post here, i have found a few misspellings:

how can i DM?

edit: i DM’d @Cobragrin

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