Future of Ironbelly

@i1skn I would propose a modified version of 1).
First of all, it would be very sensible to create a Funding Request every 1-2 years or so to at least work for some time to implement updates of packages, and perhaps add functionality to match the changes in grin-wallet and grin node.
The most important part is to keep the wallet up to date and secure, but also think of adding/tweaking functionality.

  • A “Resend” button (resend slate over tor)
  • Adding automatic or manual rebroadcast if dandelion fails (this caused quite a few support request lately)
  • Visually adapting the wallet to fit better with the contract flow when Grin GUI is released. For example using single or double check marks for the status of a transaction.
  • Perhaps other functionality the community requests

Regarding support. I think you need to offload more on the community members in the IronBelly channel, or create a FAQ pages to reduce the time you spend on support. This could be also be done independently of you, and you simply refer people to the FAQ page. E.g. see this proposal:

I do not believe that adding IronBelly to the core repo is in any way a solution since there are no developers there with time to maintain it, unless you join the team. I think for both IronBelly as well as Grin++ it makes sense to a) make Funding Requests on a yearly or bi-yearly basis in order to update the software and b) to move to less time consuming methods for support.