Free trading fee on BitForex!

Bitforex is now holding a PoW party. All the PoW coins (Grin, Beam, Zec, RVN) on Bitforex can enjoy the 0 trading fee.

PoW Party: with 0 Trading Fees for All PoW Coins!

For how long tho? for 15days? yikes

PoW party from bitrix that will never happen… I’ve been following these gatherings for so many years it’s bad enough when I see a solitary post about how people used to get together and no one reports on how the event goes on the platforms. But if even this platform trading will do meetings or have betting nights, I think there will be more people willing to attend. Has anyone tried working with bitrix? Are you serious? I’mma going to do a review so no one just spread the benefits of these bets, at least in this area.

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